3D Lift Plan

Planning is essential in completing a project in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Planning a successful lift can sometimes be a challenge. The safety of employees and the public, in addition to protection of the load, is paramount. That’s where trained and qualified professionals are needed.

You will also need the right tools to do the job right. One such tool that Lane’s Crane Service utilizes is a web based lift planning and crane selection application called 3D Lift Plan.

Download Sample Plan

We’ll find the most economical and safest crane configurations for the lift

3D Lift Plan is a lift planning and crane selection application. You provide the weight and dimensions of the object we are lifting. We can then visit the jobsite to determine the location and size of any obstructions. Our team at Lane’s can then use 3D Lift Plan to search the load charts of all of our cranes to find the most economical and safest crane configurations for the lift.

With 3D Lift Plan, our customers can “see” a successful lift before our crane ever arrives on site. Any pick can be simulated in 3D Lift Plan, resulting in increased efficiency on the jobsite and on the bottom line. Most importantly, thorough lift planning improves lift safety by improving foresight and real-time lift accuracy. Lift-planning service is free to every customer.