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Lane’s Crane Service understands that machinery moving can be a heavy burden. Whether you need to transport a single piece of equipment or relocate an entire facility, Lane’s heavy-duty forklifts, custom rigging configurations, and teams of qualified specialists provide efficient and cost effective machinery moving solutions.

From preliminary analysis and Engineered Lift Plans, to project execution and client approval, Lane’s Crane Service rigging division provides everything you need. Looking for over 40 years of expertise in rigging and machinery moving? Using Lane’s as your one source lowers your expenses, and streamlines your bidding and execution processes.

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Lane’s Crane Service rigging division specializes in:

  • Full-service machinery rigging
  • Relocation of industrial equipment, plant material, machinery, and production facilities
  • Capabilities include:
  • Forklifts from 5,000 to 80,000 lbs. capacities
  • Brand new 40,000/60,000 lbs. Hoist forklift
  • Cranes from 30 to 400 Ton capacities
  • Specialized forklift attachments for difficult machines and complex plants
  • Up to 20 Ton Gantry Units
  • Engineered Lift Plans
  • Customized Rigging Solutions
  • Transportation Logistics Services
  • Permitted Route Studies
  • Risk Management Studies

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