Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of Lane’s Crane Service’s cranes include an NCCCO Certified Operator.

Yes, all cranes carry with them standard rigging. Additional specialized rigging, such as spreader bars, snatch blocks, etc., can be brought to the jobsite by our crew typically at no extra cost.

We do our best to meet our customers’ needs and have the ability to perform emergency jobs on short notice. We can usually complete a job with less than 24 hours’ notice if the customer is flexible on time.

If you have a fixed date and time by which your job must start, we recommend 72 hours of notice at minimum.

Our primary service area is Northeastern Pennsylvania; however, we regularly service parts of the states of NY and NJ. A 120-mile radius from Scranton, PA is a good approximation. But, we certainly can, do, and will travel further.

Yes, Lane’s Crane Service is capable of providing an extensive amount of forklift and rigging services. We can also accommodate your hauling needs with Lowboys, Landolls, and Stretch Trailers. We also offer certified riggers and signal persons, who can be provided as add-on services to any crane rental.

An oversized load permit is charged for cranes with 60 Ton and larger capability. We, however, do not add fuel surcharges as others often do. Cranes with 170 Ton and higher capacity will incur counterweight hauling and other mobilization fees which will be detailed in any quote requested.