Short & Long Term Storage

Lane’s Crane Service offers long or short-term storage in our 5,000 square foot warehouse, with an additional 2 acres of fenced in, secure outside storage available.

Types of customers we service for machine storage:

  • Machinery dealers, both new and used
  • Manufacturers needing additional storage for non-essential production equipment and inventory
  • Mechanical equipment for future rigging jobs or crane lifts
  • Warehouse management inventory control
  • Manufacturers needing temporary space to assemble large equipment projects
  • Logistic companies holding equipment until delivery is needed
  • Importers of new machinery looking for a distribution point

From the moment the equipment arrives you can expect treatment of respect and value. Our standardized operating procedures help all of our staff to assure the highest quality of service in the industry.

Upon arrival of your machinery the following steps are conducted:

  1. Photographs of the equipment are taken on the truck.
  2. Photographs of the equipment are taken once unloaded.
  3. Inventory tagging is done for each separate item. An example is if one machine comes in with 12 parts, then our system procedure is to assign 12 unique Inventory Numbers that include comments. Therefore all 12 pieces relate to each other and are efficiently stored and shipped together.
  4. Accurate tracking of man-hours during loading and unloading are kept.

Whether you would like us to pick-up your equipment, or have it shipped to our facility, it is always a smooth transaction. We just ask you to let us know when it is coming so we can schedule proper handling of your equipment.

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